Tramuntana Riders

  • Town
    • Sant Llorenç de la Muga
  • Phone
    • 628 53 64 58
  • E-mail

Driven by the north wind and in love with Retro Skate, the new brand of Longboard & Old School of the Empordà is born.

Formed by a couple from the Alt Empordà, we turn a piece of wood into different types of longboard made in detail and 100% by hand, all ready for you to enjoy.

We offer two types of wood in which we work the cut, then we polish them, we put the "grip tape", a layer of varnish and then we make the holes to place axles and wheels. Finally, the engraving of our logo is done on each side and ready!

TRAMUNTANA RIDERS® arrives with the desire to unite our land with one of the table sports that most represents the ideal of freedom that we miss so much right now.

We hope you enjoy our creations.