September of 2007 is constituted the Consortium Salines Bassegoda, which integrates the towns of Agullana, Albanyà, Avinyonet de Puigventós, Biure d'Empordà, Boadella and the Escaules, Cabanelles, Cistella, Darnius, Lladó, Llers, Maçanet de Cabrenys, Navata, Pont de Molins, Sant Llorenç de la Muga, Terrades, Vilanant, La Vajol and the Regional Government of Girona.

The goals of the Consortium are the preservation and the revalorization of the landscape, cultural and environmental patrimony of the space delimited by the towns integral of the Consortium and the promotion of the sustainable development of the economical activities which it are compatible with the functions that it fulfills in the municipal terms of the towns integral.


With this purpose, the goals orient themselves in four big axes:

1. Protection, restoration and improvement of the natural and cultural patrimony of Salines Bassegoda.

2. Local development that improves the living conditions of the population linked to Salines Bassegoda, based on the sustainable exploitation of its resources.

3. Ordering of the uses of leisure.

4. Promotion of the environmental education and the scientific research.