The Trail Zone

Permanent circuit


The municipality of Terrades is located 12 kilometers from Figueres and is well connected thanks to a good road that will offer us quite a visual spectacle as we get closer.

Nestled between mountains, Terrades adjoins the municipal terms of Boadella, in the north; Llers, to the east; Cistella and Vilanant, in the south; and Cabanelles and Sant Llorenç de la Muga, to the west.

With a single point of departure and arrival, the Parque de la Salud, we have arranged 5 circular routes with different characteristics that will surely respond to your training program, also very suitable for hiking, and even some to do with the kids or in mountain bike.

In addition, thanks to the technology of the Open Trail Races app, all routes can be done at any time in competitive mode. Automatically, this application will validate that you have completed the entire route and will classify you in the ranking. Surely that will give your training a plus if you are looking for quality training.

With all this we hope to make you enjoy Terrades and outdoor sports to the fullest.

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