Albanyà- Sant Feliu de Carbonills - Sant Bartomeu de Pincaró - Albanyà

  • Town
    • Albanyà
  • Location
    • Albanyà

Difficulty: medium

Distance: 21,25 km.

Accum. upward slope: 719 m

Time approx.: 10 h

Marked: one part ( BTT, Itinerannia, Muga trail).


We leave Albanyá behind the council to follow the GR-11. We follow a sharp rise on the GR-11 to Sierra Ferrarós and from there, take the road on the right towards Sant Feliu de Carbonils. In Sant Feliu de Carbonils we visit a twelfth century Romanesque chapel with views to the Boadella reservoir. We follow the path to the Trilla and from there, there is a way that goes to the Figa. We follow this trail to cross the river Major and after the Muga river. We go to St. Bartomeu of Pincaró, twelfth century Romanesque chapel, very interesting, where we can see the Pincaro's valley. We climb up again until the Coll of Pincaró and we have nice views to the the valley of the Muga and then we go back down to back down to the Molina,  the camping Bassegoda Park and Albanyà.


Extension: La Trilla - Puig of Forks. Following the GR-11, from Trilla, we gou up to the Sanctuary of the Mare de Deu del Fau, half to half track trail.


Extension: Costoges. We pass La Figa, just when you cross the River Major, a few meters on the right, strong hill by the border until the village of Costoges (Northern Catalonia).