Albanyà - Coll del Bassegoda per bac i soleil

  • Town
    • Albanyà
  • Location
    • Albanyà

Difficulty: high

Distance: 23,75 km (17,95km the short trail).

Accum. upward slope: 1.097 m

Time approx.: 9h (6h the short trail).

Marked: One part (GR11 and Itinerànnia).


We leave from Albanyà and we take the paved path towards the campsite Bassegoda Park. When we got to the crossing of Lliurona and Pincaró, we will take the track to Pincaró and we will follow it up. We will pass by Cal Mercader, some ruins in the halfway, until we will arribe to the Coll of Pincaró. There, we will follow the track to the left, we will find the deviation to the farmhouse of Can Coll and we will continue until the Teuleria Pla. At this point, at our left, we will find a detour that marks a path towards Sant Joan de Bossols *. Following the trail, we arrive to Coll of Ras (where we will lose the sight of the top of Bassegoda) in the direction of Can Padern direction, a  mid-mountain scenery, very wild. At this point, in the other side of the valley, we will see, hanging on the cliffs: the Gunpowder Cave and Cave Senglar. Following the direction to Bassegoda, we will arrive to the coll and from there we will make the descent by soleil, following the GR-11. We will arrive to Can Galan, Can Nou and we will pass back to Sant Marti of Corsavell, the Ginebra and again to the campsite and Albanyà.

* Sant Joan de Bossols. If you follow the path from Sant Joan de Bossols crossing the Serra of Corsavell, you will arrive to the Coll of Bassegoda through Escalero Puig.


The short route

Going by car from Albanyà, following the GR-11, from Ginebra until the crossroad that mark Pla de la Teuleria and  Sant Marti of Corsavell, at 6,2 km far from Albanyà. There, we will leave the car and we will start the route by the right part of the way, towards Sant Joan de Bossols.