MTB Trail 27: Sant Martí Sasserres

  • Town
    • Lladó
  • Location
    • Start from Lladó
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Demanding trail for the climb and moderate length, that allows us to enter the most pronounced reliefs of the Garrotxa. Along the trail we find various Romanesque chapels.


Distance: 29 kilometers.

Min. altitude: 169 meters, max.: 526 meters.

Accum. upward slope: 913 meters, downward: 907 meters

Level: Very difficult.

Finishes at starting point (circular): Yes.


Itinerary: Starting  from Lladó towards Pujol. We leave the coniferous vegetation and change to leafy. We cross the river Manol and pass by Ca n'Olivas. We follow the route of the forests  leaving in our right Can Rostoll .


We leave towards the Pujol Lladó. We leave vegetation conníferas to get into the hardwood. Manol and cross the pass by Ca n'Olivas. We follow the path of ca n'Olives forests',  leaving our right Can Rostoll. From here we climb the mountains of clotes and we follow the route passing through Can Ballart Forests'. We continue rising and reaching  Santa Maria of Estela and we pass by the hill of Can Pujau and the hill of  Querol leaving in our right, the peak of  Mont. The descent is soft until to cross the Manol river that we will follow by the right part. When we reached the Solà of Vadó, this route is joined with the Route number 26, to Lladó.