GR (Senders de Gran Recorregut)

  • Als municipis de Salines Bassegoda
  • 972 56 50 04

The GR (Grande Randonnée or paths) paths are marked by red and white line, forming a network of marked routes across the country. These paths allow us to discover places, valleys and mountains, shrines, etc.


The GR-11 is the path that crosses the Pyrenees from east to west and connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic on a route on the south side route entirely, as do the GR-10 french. It is a very interesting path to the diversity and beauty of his journey, and especially because blends Catalonia, Andorra, Aragon, Navarra and the Basque Country. The route of the GR-11 in Salinas is Bassegoda La Junquera La Vajol, through Massanet of Cabrenys and even in Albany, to Sant Aniol de aguja.


The GR-2 is a path that offers the possibility to enjoy a variety of important landscapes and to visit important megalithic monuments (dolmens and menhirs) and magnificent examples of civil architecture. In Salinas Bassegoda the route of the GR-2 is in Boadella d'Empordà La Junquera and Lladó to Beuda (La Garrotxa).


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