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The reservoir of Darnius-Boadellaa is an ideal place to practice the sport fishing in modality of fresh water or black-bass. People can access in the reservoir across the Yacht Club of Darnius. The species that at the present are fished:

* Perca
* Luci-perca
* Luci
* Trout
* Eel
* Carp
* Blackhead of mountain
* Red blackhead
* Common catfish

It is recommended to search a little far calm place of the bathers of the yacht club, whenever the fishing is allowed.

Attention: The fishing without license and the navigation without autorization is not allowed.


You must apply:
1. Recreational fishing in
surface license 
2. Fishing permit in a controlled area

You can apply it online here:


By person at Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca i Alimentació:  

Oficina Comarcal de l'Alt Empordà 

Carrer de Muntaner, 3 (Figueres)

Phone: 972 51 43 79