Twin Oaks of Mas Nebot

  • Town
    • Vilanant
  • Location
    • On the Vilanant road to Taravaus
  • Phone
    • 972 54 60 03
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The twin oaks of Mas Nebot (Quercus ilex) stand out in a magnificent field of oak trees. They are two corpulent oaks that were declared monumental by the Government of Catalonia. Characteristics: The canopy covers 25 metres and is 3.5 metres thick. Each branch by itself, if torn off, would look like another oak tree. Close by is the Mas Nebot spring and a 22 metre high pubescent oak. More information: To see the twin oaks, you must take the road of a private residence so be respectful of the people who live there. The twin oaks of Mas Nebot are catalogued as Monumental and Unique trees by the Government of Catalonia. (Decree 214/1987: 'Monumental trees are those specimens considered, for their age, history or scientific peculiarity, deserving of protection')