Ous Ecològics de L'Empordà

  • Town
    • Sant Llorenç de la Muga
  • Phone
    • 696 958 882 Teresa 696 958 882 (WhatsApp)
  • E-mail
    • info@ousemporda.com
  • Web
    • www.ousemporda.com

Ecological Eggs from L’Empordà S.L. is a family business (3 generations) with a philosophy of respect for the environment and animal welfare.

The hens graze relaxed, in a privileged environment forming part of the Cliffs of the Muga, far from polluted hotspots where one breathes an earthly peace, broken only by the song of the birds and the water of the Muga river.

The grazing area has different types of fruits and cereals. Chickens feed on shredded grain (mainly corn).

Ecological Eggs from L'Empordà, has a technical crew behind veterinarians, nutritionists and agronomists: people specializing in the Ecological Forest and Food Safety that allows us to work together effectively, safely and improve the day to day.