Glaç Ice Well

  • Town
    • Boadella i les Escaules
  • Location
    • Close to Salt de la Caula Waterfall
  • Phone
    • 972 56 92 11
  • E-mail
  • Age
    • Century XVIII
To the east and not far from the Salt de la Caula waterfall, on a lower plain of the cliff, there is an ice well. This well took advantage of the ice that formed during the winter from the water of the Rivers Muga or Caula. Long ago, ice was very expensive because it served to conserve food and keep drinks cool. It was also used in medicine. It is believed that this well, for its structure, is from the 18th century. The well is located in a shady area, which is necessary for these types of buildings. Its large size is surprising (10 m. in diameter) and its excellent state of conservation. This well is considered the best conserved ice well of the county.