Massís de les Salines Nature Interest Area (EIN)

  • Town
    • Agullana
    • Albanyà
    • Maçanet de Cabrenys
    • La Vajol

The Massís de les Salines (4,199.5 ha) run from the basin of La Muga-Riumajor to Llobregat d'Empordà over 400 m high. The area of Les Salines is a good example of the diversity of landscapes in the siliceous low- and highlands of the last Pyrenean peaks. Its interest mainly lies in the contrast between the coastal Empordà plain and the eastern Pyrenees. Alongside L'Albera, it preserves one of the best examples of plant, cork, acidophilous oak and heath moor formations. The flora interest originates in it comprising the eastern chorological limit to the Pyrenees for many central European and orophytic species, some of them very rare in Catalonia. Fauna in the forest biocenosis is very rich and diverse, with species occupying the eastern limit standing out.

  • Year of declaration: 1992
  • Regulations: Decree 328/1992, of 14 December.
  • Area: 4885
  • Ownership: Public
  • Annual closing: Open all year round.
  • How to get there: Leave Maçanet de Cabrenys on the GI-503 road and take the Carretera de Maçanet de Cabrenys a La Vajol.