MTB Trail 25: Llers - Sant Quirze d'Olmells

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    • Llers
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    • Start from Llers
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NOTE: This route is located on the perimeter of the fire which affected this zone THE SUMMER OF 2012. PART OF THE TRAIL signaling has been affected. JUST DO IT IS RECOMMENDED BY FOLLOWING THE TRACK FOR THE GPS. WE ARE WORKING FOR returning the signposting. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Travel distance: 15,2 kilometers.

Min. altitude: 84 meters, max.: 213 meters.

Accum. upward slope: 185 meters, downward: 203 meters.

Degree of difficulty: Moderate.

Finishes at starting point (circular): Yes.


Itinerary: This route is counterclockwise.


We leave from Llers near Sant Julia and Santa Basilissa north-west. Pass by the way of Boïgues and continue up the hill passing between the hill of Carí and the Hill of  Met Celleres. We go round the Castle of Hortal and we pass throw the road GI-510 and the forests of Palau until to reach Palau Surroca. From here, we will make the way of coming back passing throw the river of Palau and going up close to the Brugueres which takes us back to Llers.