Can Bosc

  • Town
    • Lladó
  • Location
    • Bac de la Sala, s/n
  • Phone
    • 872 988 539
  • E-mail

Can Bosc is a rural house between Cistella and Llado, situated near woods and fields, and near the stream of bac de la Sala. It is a farm dedicated to permaculture where you will enjoy much peace. There grow traditional varieties of fruit trees and vegetables, all without chemicals. They have a natural pool that is treated with aquatic plants. The house is an old restored farmhouse. The electricity comes from solar panels. The place is ideal to enjoy calm vacations and family.


People: 15

Price: 40 € / room

Bedrooms: 4 bedrooms (one with bunk beds)

Bathrooms: 2

Opcional beds: Yes


- Permaculture workshops

- Pool

Easily accessible and well communicated.