Restaurant Ca la Conxita

  • Town
    • La Vajol
  • Location
    • In the Maçanet road
  • Phone
    • 972 53 52 13 / 687 29 60 37
  • E-mail

Ca la Conxita offers you a terrace with a good view to the village and a cozy space to eat and to drink.

Service of restaurant, bar, cafeteria, and sale of provisions, press and typical products of La Vajol: sausages, carquinyolis, tiles, cookies and honey. Mixed dishes, sausages, meats are served to the ember.

Daily menu and infantile menu. Good parking and zone of infantile games. The place is enabled for handicaped people

Here you can find the book " The seventh truck. The lost exchequer of the republic ", by Assumpta Montellà, authoress of " Elna's maternity ", edited in 2007, as well as other documents and recollections of the history of the municipality.