Forestal Empordà

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Forestal Empordà is a family business created in 1950 to offer customer property management services, as well as other services related to the improvement of the property and fire prevention.
Currently, Forestal Empordà also offers:
Services for the use of forest resources, permit processing and work that require specific machinery: road construction, repairs, clearing, felling, pruning, planting ...

From Forestal Empordà produce and market forest biomass in the form of G-100 chips ideal for large boilers. In 2017, the Biomassa Empordà brand was created, a new project dedicated to producing and marketing G-20-G-50 chips for domestic energy boilers.

Biomassa Empordà guarantees product traceability, from the origin, during the crushing, sifting or drying process, to distribution and delivery to the customer.

Another feature is that the origin of the raw material is exclusively from the Empordà region, which allows you to create jobs in our region and improve the prevention of forest fires.


Forestal Empordà has been offering home delivery of firewood in the Empordà for over 30 years. It is dry oak firewood, from the sustainable management of the forests of the Alt Empordà.


Forestal Empordà has been peeling cork from Empordà corks for over 50 years. Cork peel workers are professionals who guarantee an excellent result, which is essential to avoid negative consequences for cork oaks.