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Club Nàutic Darnius
Club Nàutic Darnius

The swamp of Darnius Boadella is an ideal place for practicing kayak. To do this you can go to the swamp through Darnius, the access is by the Sailing Club. On the edge of the water you can rent kayaks for single, two or three people.

One of the most interesting excursions is in the direction of Sant Llorenç de la Muga, following the course of the river Muga, where you can see the ruins of the old town, which was under water from the reservoir, in the middle of an absolute tranquility. It is also very nice trip to the River Arnera to the right of the dam, in the direction of the Central Spa.

To navigate the swamp with own boat (kayak, canoe, etc ...) must obtain permission from the Catalan Water Agency. Need to apply for permission to present the affidavit Navigation and floating in rivers or reservoirs. You can start the procedure for telmàtica here:

  • Warning: fishing without a license and navigation without permission is not allowed.


There are different companies that offer this activity:


Club Nàutic Darnius, a non-profit organization that offers the rental of kayaks, paddles and surfing activities. All services are sustainable sailing, without engines or noise.

642 182 208


Magic Empordà, water skiing and wakeboarding school, with 16 years of experience. Rent Kayaks, paddle surfing, canoes, etc.

609 724 124