Bodegas Mas Vida

  • Cistella
  • 659 548 512

Mas Vida is a small format project for the recovery of the cultural landscape around a small hermitage (the Virgin of Life) and a farmhouse (Mas Vida) in Cistella in the area of ​​Les Garrotxes d'Empordà Garrotxes d 'Empordà.

Working the vineyard, the olive grove and the forest in a sustainable way (with an ecological certificate by the CCPAE) makes us change the environment consciously, without losing sight of the fact that our passage through this world is just a drop of water in the ocean, leaving it better than we found it. Observation and error have taught us that the earth gives you what you give it, so we work with the utmost love and respect. Feeling we are part of the whole world.

We understand that to make organic wine and oil we must go beyond stopping using systemic and herbicides, so we strive to achieve a more lively soil every day through regenerative agriculture. So that the plants have everything they need to live in the best way and their fruit is a complete food.

All our wine is made from grapes from our vineyards, no more than 500 travel from the vineyards to the winery. Each full bottle weighs less than 1Kg and everything that wraps it comes from suppliers located less than 300 km around the winery. The same goes for oil, all the olives that make Oil to season LIFE are produced by our olive trees.

That's why we want you to drink your life, here, on our sidewalk. We firmly believe that networking is one of the strengths of small format projects, which is why we are part of various groups that help us to make ourselves known, such as Pam a Pam, DO Empordà, the DO Empordà Wine Route. .. We make territory and live LIFE!