Vilaritg Castle

  • Town
    • Cistella
  • Location
    • Next to the Vilatitg hamlet
  • Phone
    • 972 54 70 93
  • E-mail
  • Age
    • XII , XIV, XVII
  • Estado de conservación del conjunto

Vilaritg castle has been documented since 947. At present, it is a farmhouse preserving its 14th century fortified Gothic palace structure. The quadrangular building houses a central courtyard, the remains of an ancient moat and Renaissance doors and windows. The remains of the talus-reinforced wall, the bridge over the ancient moat and the remains of loopholes and merlons can be observed which remind us of its past. There is a standout large voussoir gate. The hamlet of Vilaritg lies to the side ' a complex of buildings reigned over by the church dedicated to Saint Martin which was documented as far back as 1151. Although the present single-nave building with two side chapels is largely from the 18th and 19th centuries, there are still well-preserved Romanesque fragments.