Estanyols del Mas Margall pools

  • Town
    • Avinyonet de Puigventós
  • Location
    • In Mas Margall
  • Phone
    • 972 67 05 31
  • E-mail

The Estanyols del Mas Margall are located to the south of the town centre and cover a surface area of around 20 hectares. It is an old gravel bed recovered as a natural space with three small pools, a willow grove, grass wetlands, reed beds and an area of pasture. The space owes its existence to the extraction of sand and cement which was carried out to take advantage of the fact the area was a river terrace on the River Manol where, over the years, alluvial material used for construction was deposited. The alluvial deposits in the area (sand and gravel) ran to over three metres deep and their extraction caused the land level to drop, favouring the emergence of aquifer levels and the appearance of different pools or ponds creating this interesting ecosystem.