Colomar, Bertran Bridge and the Vila Castelana Hamlet

  • Albanyà
  • Close to the Can Bertran farmhouse
  • 972 56 91 90
The Bertran bridge is found in a large and sunny corner of the valley of La Muga, on the crest line of a larkspur above the river which creates a natural defence. One can observe remains of diverse buildings that create a very valuable group of historical and cultural heritage, still barely known. An early medieval fortified town (or castle) that is identified with the villa Castiliani, documented in 957, there is the entry way, different rooms, the water tank, a peculiar pigeon shed, etc. On the rocks alongside the river, some markings are witness to the passing of medieval wood. On a nearby hill, is the pigeon shed of Bertran. It is a round turret built with herringbone masonry. Inside, there are square and triangular nests. For its characteristics, it is a practically unique piece. The entire early medieval group is complemented with the Bertran bridge, with three arcades, built over the River Muga in the 19th century.