Route of the 4 refuges of the Tramuntana. Les Salines - Bassegoda

  • Town
    • Albanyà
    • Maçanet de Cabrenys


  • Distance: 30.07km
  • Positive slope: 1,367 m
  • Technical difficulty: Difficult
  • Negative slope: 1,643 m
  • Maximum altitude: 1,417m
  • Trail Rank: 28
  • Minimum altitude: 719m
  • Type of route: One way

Leave the shelter and take the non paved road towards cova de les Salines (Les Salines cave), take the path on the right, uphill to collada dels Pous (Pous pass). Cross it and on the other side follow path with yellow marks. You cross a nice beech forest and you go up to Pic Moixer (Moixer Peak).

Follow the ridge west. You pass by Pic Roc Comptador (Roc comptador Peak) and Pic Roc de Frausa (Roc de Frausa Peak). Continue, pass close Roc de la Campanya and you reach Coll de la Dona Morta (Dona Morta pass). There is the menhir Dona Morta.

Follow the ridge to Coll Perilló (Perilló pass). Take the non paved road to the right (south side). At some point, in a left curve, in a pine forest, take a shortcut to Coll del Faig (Faig Pass). Follow the non paved road in the ridge to Coll Pregon (Pregon Pass), go up to Puig Boixer (Boixer Peak) and go down to Corral de la Falguerona. Cross the fence, pass by a pond and take a non paved road on the right, it is lightly uphill. It leads to a main non paved road. Follow it on the left. Once you reach a sharp curve to the right, on the left hand, take the path (signpost) to Costoja. Cross the village up to the cemetery. When you find, on the right side, there is a non paved road with a signpost “Villaroja”, follow it until Pla Castanyer. Take to the left in a non paved road and soon take another non paved road to the right. In a left curve, take the non paved road to the left to get the path to Hostal de la Muga (ruins).

Take the non paved road to the left and cross riu Muga (Muga creek). Soon the non paved road passes by a meadow, take the path on the right side. You pass by Sant Corneli and cross the creek. The path leads to a non paved road. Follow it on the left.

Shortly, take the path on the left (signpost) to Coll dels Prior (Prior pass) and Creu d’en Miquelet (Miquelet’s cross). Once you get a non paved road, follow to the left and you arrive to Creu de Principi meadow.

Follow the non paved road to coll de Principi (Principi pass) and Coll de Bassegoda (Bassegoda pass). Shortly after Coll the Bassegoda, you find a path on the left. Take it to arrive to Refugi de Bassegoda (Bassegoda shelter).