Hostatgeria Mare de Déu del Mont

  • Town
    • Albanyà
  • Location
    • Carretera de Cabanelles a la Mare de Déu del Mont.
  • Phone
    • 972 19 30 74 - Rector custodi: 972 78 80 65
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The origin of the inn was linked to the Benedictine monastery of San Lorenzo, from the present century the pattern of X Pay, landing in the mountains of the Mont, at 900 meters high. The community of this monastery was built at the beginning of the fourteenth century, a shrine to the Virgin Mary at the top of the mountain to worship at your home, which already existed in the monastery since its origins. 


The outset there were devotees of pilgrimage from the surrounding villages of the mountains, so soon was to enable a stay to a secular priest who would be in custody. Later in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries became the inn, the reform of which was opened in 2002. The sanctuary has always counted on a board of pabordes now trust, that have taken care with the guiding guardian, over the centuries. 


Inside the guest house was restored by the House on Jacinto Verdaguer, in the summer of 1884, did stay for a month and a half. From daquesta chamber, the poet, wrote pieces of his famous poem "Canigou. 


Places: 18 
Price: 35-54 € / double room, 70 € bed 
Rooms: 5 doubles, 1 with bunk beds for 8 people 
Extra bed: yes 
- Heating 
- Fireplace 
- T.V. 
- Bar and Terrace 
- Restaurant 
- Very comprehensive library (works Verdaguer, author empordanesos, documentary collection of Romance of the area, documentation of the neighboring counties, works of spirituality, etc.). 
- Living room with fireplace and coffee bar. 
- Suitable for workshops, meetings, conferences, concerts