(Mu)DA - Veal of Agullana

  • Town
    • Agullana
  • Phone
    • 647 209 135
  • E-mail
    • lluis@muda.cat
  • Web
    • www.muda.cat

The flock (Mu) DA lives in the wild in the forest and meadows of Agullana and Darnius.

Extensive livestock farming helps reduce the fuel load in our forests and keep the meadows open, making it easier to prevent and extinguish fires all year round.

We sell organic beef born, raised and fattened at home. From the herd grazing on the farm. And from the farm, to your house.

We believe in direct contact between the producer and the consumer. We want you to know the origin of what you eat and to offer a quality taste.

Our products are packaged without plastic, with compostable bags.