Santa Maria de l'Estrada Church

  • Town
    • Agullana
  • Location
    • In the hamlet of L'Estrada
  • Phone
    • 972 53 52 06
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  • Estado de conservación del conjunto
The church of Santa Maria de l'Estrada is cited in documents from the 13th century, specifically in the Rationes Decimarum of 1279 and 1280 and in the 14th century, the references to this church are frequent. The actual church, however, is from the 18th century. Between the 17th and 18th centuries, fighting between the Spanish and French was frequent, and in this area it is easy to imagine that the medieval building was destroyed, because, for example, in 1675, the French troops installed their cavalry quarters and the battles were numerous. It is the price to pay for living right next to a direct road to the Panissars pass.