Santa Maria d'Agullana Church

  • Agullana
  • In the Plaça Major
  • 972 53 55 13

The parish church of Agullana is one of the most spectacular examples, as far as size goes, of the 'Romanesque III' from La Jonquera to Albanyà (J. Badia). The first news of this church comes from 1019, in the Green Book of the Cathedral of Girona (pages 103 and 104) where there is a donation document to the bishop Rotger of the 'Eclesiam Sanctae Mariae de Aguliana' to the canonry of Girona. Besides this reference, the church is cited in other documents from the 13th and 14th centuries, allowing us to learn that it was suffragan to the parishes of Santa Maria de L'Estrada, Sant Martí de La Vajol and Sant Julià de Torts.