Santa Eugènia Chestnut Trees

  • Town
    • Agullana
  • Location
    • In the meadows of Santa Eugènia, close to the chapel
  • Phone
    • 972 53 52 06
  • E-mail

These chestnut trees are located in the meadows of Santa Eugènia. At kilometre 3 on the road from Agullana to La Vajol there is a crossing to head to Santa Eugènia where you arrive on a comfortable track. On the right, before the sanctuary, there is a meadow surrounded by cork trees. There are three chestnut trees here and near the spring path. Characteristics: There are three old chestnut specimens (Castanea sativa). The stump perimeters run between 4 and 4.6 m. Height is spread between 7 to 12 m. Condition: Simple trees that trees have lost their oldest branches and now the younger trees provide a dome-shaped crown. More information: On Easter Monday the feast of Santa Eugènia is held. The name Eugènia means 'well born'. On this feast day a solemn service is held at the chapel as well as a provost dance.