The Xuia party

  • Agullana
  • In the village of Agullana
  • 972 535206

The Party of the "Xuia" is a very ancient tradition in the village. Very well described by Joan Amades, although during the postwar period it was celebrated in an intermittent way, from year 1976 it has been recovered fully and every year it is celebrated a Saturday (trying not to coincide with the carnivals of the neighboring villages).

In the 9:00h of the morning the pupils of the private school of Agullana are summoned and the children and girls of the municipal Nursery School, who together with the rest of youth of the village, teachers, educators, parents and mothers, will pioneer the passacaglia for all the village, the neighborhood of L'Estrada and the homesteads of El Riberal, to pick up the following ingredients:

- Eggs

- Bacon

- Butifarra (Sausages)

- Oil

- Wine

and that one who does not have these ingredients can collaborate with an economical contribution, which will be useful for buying what is lacking to make the omelets.

At 15:00h the cooks in the premises of the municipal fishmonger are found for starting to break the eggs, cutting the bacon and the sausages in bits small and keeping on making the omelets, renown "xuies".

About 16:00h the carnival starts for the smallest, with performance live of some singer or group of child animation.

Once finished the child performance, towards the 17:00h, the omelets or "xuies" starts to be served together with a slice of bread, cooked in the oven of wood of the village. It is accompanied also with soft drinks, water and wine for everybody.

To finish the party, at 23:00h, in the premises of the Society La Concordia, the carnival is celebrated with a musical group or orchestra. Is a fancy dresses party where the best fancy dresses are awarded.

All these acts are free and are organized by the Town Council of Agullana with the collaboration of the Entities of the village.