Can Massot Spring and Banana Tree

  • Town
    • Darnius
  • Location
    • On the Maçanet road, close to Can Massot
  • Phone
    • 972 53 57 00 / 667 53 46 49
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Banana tree (Platanus hispanica) planted to cool and provide shade to the farmhouse area. Characteristics: It has a 4.7 m canopy and is 1.5 m thick; at around 3 metres high it splits into two branches approximately 3 and 2.5 m. The banana tree has a height of 15 metres and a stump of 28 metres. Condition: Specimen which is in a very good state. More information: It shades the house and also the Can Massot spring, making it very enjoyable. Easily accessible. Be respectful of the area. The banana tree of Can Massot has been catalogued as Monumental and Unique tree by the Government of Catalonia. (Decree 214/1987: 'Monumental trees are those specimens considered, for their age, history or scientific peculiarity, deserving of protection ')