Sant Martí Sesserres Church

  • Town
    • Cabanelles
  • Location
    • Take the GIP-5237 road heading to the sanctuary of Mare de Deu del Mont.
  • Phone
    • 972 56 51 61
  • E-mail
  • Age
    • XII
  • Estado de conservación del conjunto
Documents mention the church of Sant Martí Sesserres in 1031 but it seems that this church was already in existence in 922, depending at the time on the County of Besalú. The present church dates from the 12th century with the belfry dating to the 18th. The most interesting feature in the building is the door with four archivolt arches, a lintel and an uncarved tympanum with red crosses painted in honour of Saint James, since with route of Saint James (famously known as the Camino de Santiago) passes by just in front.