Navata Castle

  • Town
    • Navata
  • Location
    • 2 km from Navata
  • Phone
    • 972 56 50 04
  • E-mail
  • Age
    • XIII
  • Estado de conservación del conjunto

The ruins of what was the castle of Navata are located 2 km from the village with access being difficult. Documentation goes back to 1051 when it was ceded to Count Bernat de Besalú who established the barony of Navata. During the 13th century the Rocabertí de Peralada repaired and reinforced it to withstand sieges. It was fitted for firearms in the 15th century by increasing the width of the walls and towers and opening crenels and loopholes. Only the chapel, located below the northwest corner tower, remains from the primitive castle (11th-12th centuries). The remainder belongs to the 13th-14th centuries with major alterations in the 15th. It was a large size square fort with a central bailey and surrounding buildings.