Menhir de Palaus

  • Town
    • Agullana
  • Location
    • Near Mas Forn farmhouse
  • Phone
    • 972 53 52 06
  • E-mail

The so-called Menhir de Palaus is located very near the Mas del Forn farmhouse in the area known as Palaus and was found in a collapsed state in 1975 by Joan Verdú Costa, being revealed to the Geseart group by his daughter Dolors Verdú. Coinciding with the feast of Saint John and the summer solstice, on 24th June 1987 it was restored as part of a popular local festival. Thanks to its size ' 3.2 m high, 0.78 m wide and 0.38 m thick ' and the interesting carvings and engravings it houses, it is truly a unique example.