Llers Castle

  • Town
    • Llers
  • Location
    • To the high area of Llers village
  • Phone
    • 972 52 80 20
  • E-mail
    • llers@ddgi.cat
  • Age
    • XIII
  • Estado de conservación del conjunto

There are remains of what was the castle with the keep still standing out. This main centre was protected and surrounded by an external wall with the lower enclosure already existing in the 13th century. At present, a large part of the fortifications are mixed with the housing and road constructions, many of which have preserved names relating to the fortifications. Historically, the resistance shown by the castle during the crusade against Catalonia at the beginning of the 13th century should be underlined, as well as its major role as a fortification during the first Carlist war.