Jacint Verdaguer's Bedroom

  • Town
    • Albanyà
  • Location
    • Inside the Mare de Déu del Mont Sanctuary.
  • Phone
    • 972 19 30 74

In the inn of the Virgin of the Mountain the chamber where he made stay has been restored, the summer of 1884 Jacint Verdaguer during a month and half. Here the oriel found what he searched to contemplate the Canigó, and calmness to write. During his stay he wrote some fragments of the poem Canigó, that he already had very advanced. Also wrote, among other poetry, the Cobla to the Virgin of the Mountain, than nowadays he substitutes the antique poetry, and the text in prose The Hermitage of the Mountain.

The room that he occupied has been restored and has a visitor's book where everybody can leave the witness of his steps.

In year 1986, in the north of the sanctuary, a commemorative monolith of the centenary of the publication of the poem Canigó was raised. Since 1998 is celebrated a Party of Verdaguer every june.