Escaules Castle

  • Town
    • Boadella i les Escaules
  • Location
    • Located above the town of Les Escaules
  • Phone
    • 972 56 92 11
  • E-mail
  • Age
    • XIV - XV
  • Estado de conservación del conjunto

The castle occupies a rocky mountain top 235 metres high to the south-west of the town. The fort presents a schematic floor plan in which the cylindrical tower is surrounded by a walled enclosure. From here, we have a splendid view of the town of Les Escaules in the foreground, and the fields and mountains covered in pine trees in the background. The function of this castle was to guard the border area between the counties of Empúries and Besalú. The castle was documented in the year 1123, but the current remains are medieval work (14 th-15th c.). The tower, 10 metres high, was crowned by merlons of which only small relics remain. On the top, there were also four parapets on which the sustainment corbels rest. The walled enclosure presents some small windows. In its interior there was a water tank, now partly hung.