Coworking Rural Salines Bassegoda

The coworking and collaborative work is a way of working that allows freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs from various sectors, sharing the same work space, both physical and virtual professionals to develop projects independently, while encouraging projects sets.

This new way of working is an opportunity for professionals who have ICT as a basis for their jobs and who want to work in a collaborative space without sacrificing a rural setting. Thus, and indirectly, coworking spaces cause activation rural economic territory and help him fix the workforce.

The movement of peoples Coworking Rural Salinas Bassegoda, aims to provide areas where you can develop your professional activities while contact with other companies and businesses that will create synergies to foster cooperatisme professional faces. 

There are currently three available spaces Coworking Rural Salinas Bassegoda:

1. Navata Coworking space, located in the Civic Center Navata can offer freelancers or small business workspace at very low cost and free meeting rooms available (upon request).

2. The Library offers Avinyonet de Puigventós spaces fixed semi-consolidated technical professionals low cost and meeting space.

3. Building New Harmony Bridge Mills offers small businesses and professionals for meetings, conferences or workshops.

The Rural SB Coworking project aims to create a network of real work among potential freelancers in the area. Thus, the project goes beyond providing workspaces for freelancers and micro and energize. It aims to integrate the coworkers in a professional network and establish synergies with different organizations, companies and other professional networks.

Web Network Coworking:

Linkedin Group Salines Bassegoda

For technical reasons, you can only belong to the group if you work in a town near the Salines Bassegoda. 

This project is an initiative of the Consortium Salines Bassegoda and municipalities involved, with the support of Cowocat Rural Local Action Group ADRI-NOC and Girona Provincial Council.